Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Companies 2017 June in UK

Dedicated server hosting is an ideal choice for an individual company, business, or enterprise overwhelmed by high traffic levels and thus needs to resort to means that will optimize the server’s load-time performance. Thus it is important to perform an expert random test-check on a list of prominent, dedicated server hosts based on the criteria that govern pricing, usability, support, and uptime comparisons.

How to Choose Between Different Service Providers

The key features and aspects to consider before contracting with any Service Providers should fall under:

1. Availability of Their Services in Your Area

It should be the first key feature to look for in any service provider so as to know your broadband options and limits.

2. Download and Upload Speeds

The internet speed should be fast enough and at an affordable cost.

3. Add-ons and Special Features

An add-on such as a free Wi-Fi hotspot access can be very useful, especially if you have access to a personal computer.

4. Customer Support

It should be quite easy to access the customer support team of your service provider once you encounter any type of problem.

The Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Companies on 2017’s Red Carpet

The following is a compilation of the top 10 dedicated server hosting companies to consider in 2017 based on reliable test results and ratings.

1. LiquidWeb

If you are a visitor or a first-timer to the LiquidWeb dedicated host company, your monthly payment subscription plan will start at a reduced cost of $96.75/month other than the usual $129/month. You will also enjoy some custom configurations accompanying the SSDs (Solid State Drives) in a bundle together with some instant provisioning.
Some of the features to expect from the hosting company include:
24/7 Sonar Monitoring
Load Balancer Add-Ons
Storm Block/Object Storage is also in play.
The strong suite of the hosting company is in the management of their dedicated servers such that they have three states of the art data centers under operation with over 50 developers handling their performance and security issues. It only takes 8 minutes to be fully set up at LiquidWeb.
They do not have a Money Back Guarantee plan. The disk space allocation that the company can cater for ranges from 211 GB to 1775 GB of SSD. You can either come with your domain name or acquire a new one from their platform.

2. InMotionHosting

From a starting price of $99.99/month, the InMotionHosting Company will guarantee:
A tier 1 network with network redundancy
The inclusion of cPanel
The inclusion of WHM
Free SSDs
One-click installs
Rebootless kernel updates.
Due to its utilization of a Smart Routing Technology, the expected net uptime is 99.99%.
With a setup time of just 5 minutes, the InMotionHosting Company comes with a 30-day money back guarantee plan if by any chance you might find their services unsatisfactory. The disk space available for clients ranges from 500GB to 1.2TB of SSD. The package also comes with a free domain name sorted for a whole year if you need one.
With its fast and reliable dedicated hosting services, you are guaranteed to be working with the best market-leading software. Thus it is an easy choice if you are after a premium dedicated host with a fanatical support team.

3. Bluehost

If Bluehost is your preferred choice under the listed dedicated hosting companies, then your monthly budget will be $79.99/month with some timely offers of even 50% discount on the status price to cater for the first month of signup. Consider their selling point listed below.
The host company’s support team are 24/7 expedited to the customer queries and demands.
Their maintenance is in-house and backed by their fully spec’d modern hardware.
A single plan offers a minimum of 3 IP addresses.
You get to enjoy the services of a RAID 1 mirrored storage.
With a setup time of 5 minutes, you will also benefit from a 30 days money back guarantee plan, a 1TB disk space storage, and a free domain name managed for one year.
OpenStack technology is the backbone of the Bluehost Company with each servers operating on a minimum of 4 cores. Their dedicated hosting options are reliable and flexible regarding pricing and service delivery. Their great management console and hardware match their criteria for service expectation.

4. iPage

From a monthly starting price of $119.99/month with a 20% discount on the first month of signup, consider its selling points:
It mirrors an extensive data protection security schematic.
It is flexible enough to adapt to any scale as demand increases.
It does cater for the overage charges that might accompany its predictable monthly costs.
With a setup time of 5 minutes, you get a fully managed support accompanied with an anytime money back guarantee plan. The disk space available ranges from 500GB to 1TB with a free domain name managed for a whole year.
Again, flexibility and fast service delivery are the end game of the dedicated hosting company. iPage’s solid opinion counts in every way without the need of breaking the bad. Their built-in server cloud technology caters for the instant provision of the server resources in addition to seamless migration. Their plenty of RAM, RAID 1 mirrored storage, and Intel Xeon CPUs on a multi-core scale attests to its modern and robust hardware setups.

5. HostGator

From a monthly starting price of $76.56/month and 30% discount upon using the HA30OFF code, you will have access to:
A secure shell (SSH) and Multilanguage support.
An unlimited MySQL database schematic will also be at your disposal.
A fully redundant data center and network that is top of the line.
Dedicated hosting supported on both Windows and Linux server environment.
With 6 minutes of setup time, the money back guarantees plan is not applicable, but you will expect a RAID disk space of 500GB to 1TB together with a free domain name managed for a year.
The HostGator Company being among the most popular web hosts on the World Wide Web is reputable as a result of its updated hardware that includes reasonable RAM and Intel Xeon Quad Core processors.

6. FatCow

From a subscription plan of $119.99/month, FatCow presents each plan with:
Three dedicated IP addresses.
No applicable overage charges to its predictable monthly costs.
Data protection that is under a RAID 1 mirrored storage of fully managed servers.
With a setup time of 6 minutes before being fully operational, the plan also includes a 30 days money back guarantee plan with a locatable disk space of 500GB to 1TB. You also get a free domain name that is fully managed for a whole year.
FatCow prioritizes maximum security and performance for your site. The host company is customer friendly and also environmentally friendly thus making FatCow the best alternative amongst the other prospective web hosts. From 4GB to 16GB RAM allocation, two to four CPU cores, tons of mirrored storage, to tons of bandwidth, FatCow has everything you need to be bundled up in its single plan.

7. JustHost

JustHost’s subscription plan starts at a $74.99/month. Its offer comes with:
A fully dedicated support team
The use of the RAID 1 platform to facilitate automatic data protection
Instant provisioning applicable to its fully managed hosting plans.
Access to cPanel and root access privileges to your stored data.
An enhanced write-back caching feature fully supported by its RAM.
With a setup time of just 6 minutes, you are sure of anytime money back guarantee, disk space allocation of 500GB to 1TB under the RAID platform, and a free-for-life domain name.
The centerpiece of the company’s unmatched offers is in its utilization of multiple dedicated IP addresses and its implementation of modern hardware. An enhanced cPanel fully manages each server thus if you are a first time user then JustHost is a supreme choice of a dedicated server for your web host ventures.

8. A2Host

If you are questing for a top of the line hosting company, then A2Hosting should be your pick. Their subscription plan starts from £79.88/month with a sole focus on high speed and super reliable servers for an ideal service delivery.
With a setup time of just 5 minutes, you will benefit from their wide range of server management schematics that range from the unmanaged dedicated servers to the fully managed dedicated servers. Moreover, the management plans also come with layered root access levels. Therefore, depending on the technicality of the skills you possess, you will always find a plan that rhymes with your exact needs.
All the plans in question employ the use of the RAID-1 redundant hard drives. You will also get a guaranteed 99.9% uptime that is in line with their free dedicated IP addresses. There is also room for automatic system notifications and monitoring backed up by their tireless “Guru Crew” that are available 24/7 to offer full customer support and mentorship. Excitingly, you can have your websites up and running 20 times faster thanks to their optimized Turbo Boost servers in play. They also have a Singapore data center that can optionally host your personal server.

9. FastComet

With a subscription plan that starts at £111.49/month, the FastComet hosting company emphasizes on growth and thus if you are looking for something that has a lot of community support, then this is the arena for you. The dedicated server hosting plans speak for the quality of service in play. You will have full rights to the root access level; you will not have to manage anything as their plan caters for the full management of all their dedicated servers. The management plan includes the installation of the necessary patches, upgrades, and applications required by the site administrator and the end users.
Moreover, you will benefit from the SSD (Solid State Disk) storage, reliable amounts of RAM, fast Intel CPUs, and the ultimate site performance governed by the Cloudflare CDN. The dedicated servers at FastComet also cater for the following benefits:
Free access to a cPanel
Free backup and restore
Your server’s 24/7 human monitoring
In addition to the stated special features, there is an inclusion of a web application firewall that is in-house and other additional security enhancements applicable to your server.

10. Contabo

From a subscription plan that starts at £34.15 / month, it is not quite easy to come across a hosting company whose dedicated host servers are based on state-of-the-art modern hardware like the ones applicable to the Contabo hosting company. It addition to the great hardware features they present comes the complimentary reliability and affordability in their pricing feature plans.
Once fully set up with Contabo, you will enjoy the use of the latest CPUs with an additional combination of RAM that adds up to 256GB together with the desirable Solid State Disks (SSDs) or Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) of your choice. The powerful servers also support both the Windows Server operating system and the Linux operating system.
Despite the servers running under Contabo being unmanaged, the support department will always be there to assist you all year round on issues related to special configuration and setup of your server features. An individual offer is also provided by their sales team in response to requests concerning cluster setup or server customization for individual businesses.
The safety precautions that monitors the operation of Contabo’s two data centers located in Germany is as a result of:
Continuous 24/7 monitoring
User levels access restrictions
State of the art alarm systems
Uninterrupted power supply to continuously keep things running
The implementation of an advanced air conditioning system that objectifies the safety of the server operations thus keeping them cool to optimize performance efficiency.
An unmatched emergency support upgrade x that will solve your issues even when your emergency requests are outside the normal business working hours.

Conclusively, the above list of dedicated web host companies presents an ideal opportunity for you to get started with your web hosting ventures. They are also a favorite pick due to the control they give their clients about the CPU power, RAM, locatable internal memory storage, and the great number of IP addresses available.
Most importantly, the listed hosting companies emphasize more on a fully operational 24/7 customer support team that ensure everything is running smoothly for their clients. Then it is safe to state that any hosting company with a continuously growing client base have a dedicated commitment to an experienced and satisfactory customer and client support team as well as modernized or evolving technology.
The listed top 10 dedicated server hosting companies on 2017’s red carpet meet all the mentioned criteria, and now the ball is in your court. It’s up to you to make a move and pick the one that meets or markets your desired interests on a dedicated server hosting company.

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