Best Cheap Web Hosting 2017 June in UK

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Introducing the Web Hosting Guide
Defining a Web Hosting Provider
Web Hosting Types
Web Hosting Domain Information
Web Hosting Features
The Best Cheap Web Hosting 2017 June in UK

Introducing the Web Hosting Guide

Truth be told, choosing the right web hosting service provider that meets your requirements sometimes sums up as a daunting task. Even a quick search on Google will give you an overwhelming 6,000,000 plus results. Who are all these companies and who owns them? Brand recognition has a very small representation in the web hosting market arena. Thus, you as a consumer will have to do your homework so as to be well informed about the web hosting provider that seems fit to handle your web content.

Defining a Web Hosting Provider

In short, a web hosting provider is a company that manages your published website through renting you a web space and bandwidth as a subscription plan. If you are a subscribed customer, you will be given an account to upload your content like graphics, PHP scripts, and HTML documents.

Web Hosting Types

The Web hosting solutions for a small business e-commerce site, personal websites, or corporate web server solutions all differ due to varying demands. A dedicated web server best suits a corporation that operates round the clock while a basic web hosting service will meet all the needs and demands of a personal or casual website.
Therefore, you first need to consider the needs and demands that you want to be met before choosing a web host. Figuring out your website needs will lead you to an ideal web hosting company that will meet all your demands. Let us narrow down the Web hosting types into some categories:
Free Hosting
Shared Hosting
Dedicated Servers-Unmanaged
Dedicated Servers-Managed

Free Hosting

If you are new to the web hosting world, then you will agree that there is little or no sense in making monthly payments for a web hosting service when you are still a novice in the web design platform. Therefore, a free hosting service is ideal for an individual who is still experimenting or polishing up his/her web design skills or just a platform to use as a testing environment. However, you will get limited storage and bandwidth. Moreover, poor web statistics and no support for multiple email addresses are some of the disadvantages.

Shared Hosting

Regarding popularity, shared hosting tops the list. Due to the fractional demand of web server resources by professional websites, intermediate to large websites, and small businesses, shared hosting seems like an ideal solution due to its inexpensive nature. It outsmarts the expensive solution of depending on a personal server.
It supports a good number of important web servers’ features like multiple email address, MSQL, ASP or PHP, together with a reasonable amount of storage and bandwidth. Moreover, it also has a free host plan.

Dedicated Servers-Unmanaged

It is a platform you should opt to if you need more features, storage, and bandwidth not availed under the shared hosting plan. It comes with a dedicated server that holds no limit to the number of email aliases and database storages expansion. The bandwidth you get here is exponentially bigger with expected bandwidth allocation ranges of 500-1000GB per month. Moreover, allotting extra storage space is as easy as ordering a new hard drive for your server. The only disadvantage that might arise is the need for prior knowledge in server administration. You will need the skills of server administration to operate a dedicated server properly.

Dedicated Servers-Managed

Such a platform only falls in place if your website has steep requirements. For instance, you might not be a fan of shared hosting and yet again setting up your web server or customizing it is a big challenge. A managed dedicated solution provider offers a wide range of prices dependable on the user requirement priorities such as level of support, reliability, and security.
Your choice of a managed dedicated server provider should sync with a referral from a trusted associate, or you can free up some time to do some internet research. Thus, know the amount offered by the service provider before rushing into a long-term contract deal.

Web Hosting Domain Information

Your website’s base address is what we call a domain name. The main page of most websites syncs with the domain name. It is the first thing a web user identifies with after he/she visits a website. Therefore, they have to memorize the domain name if they plan on visiting the websites again shortly. After considering such factors, you then agree that the choice of a domain name before deciding on web hosting is very important.

Choosing a Domain

The domain name of your choice should be easy to remember as well as permanent. A changing domain name will shut its users out and disorient them from the target website. Also, the domain name should not sound foreign to the users and should help them familiarize with the environment of the website. Therefore, while choosing a domain name:
Keep it short and use existing words or a combination of existing words such as
Be creative with unique names as they will help shorten the domain name, e.g., Tizag.
Be familiar with the domain Types or Extensions you prefer such as .us, .nu, .org, .net, .com, etc.
If you have no idea of where to register your domain name, Go Daddy will be able to tell you which domain names are vacant and which ones are not together with their pricing if by chance they are for sale.

Domain Types

Let’s assume you have a unique domain name in place and you have an associate extension. If the chosen domain name is “mysite” you are opted to register it as,,, etc. Let us try and comprehend some of the extensions:
.com- stands for company/commercial but tends to be used by any website
.net- stands for network and finds use in network sites
.org- stands for organization and is mostly applicable to non-profit entities
.us, .nu, these extensions are country specific, and the registrar needs to be a citizen of that country.
.biz, .info- These extensions are for intelligible domain addresses left to register and used to mainly serve administrative or informative purposes of another domain name already registered. For example, associated with
These rules of thumb should guide you in deciding the appropriate domain name handler for your website.

Registering a Domain

Go Daddy guarantees a successful registration of your domain name. The registration prices continuously shift depending on the nature of the domain name you want. For example, on the Go Daddy website, you can be lucky to register your domain name for as little as $0.99. It is the first timers fee. The domain names that were taken already and are on sale usually go at a slightly higher price.

Buying an Existing or an Expired Domain

Such domain names cost big bucks and will often force you to dig deeper into your pocket, but if the price range is out of your reach, then you should head to a place like dnforum for a much more flexible alternative.
Much cheaper alternatives to acquire a decent domain name is through the expired domain names. The registration of such domain names is more than a year old and are still pending ownership renewal. In short, such domain names are publicly available and potential goldmines for cool domain names. You can try your luck at dotdnr

DNS Information

DNS in full is Domain Name System. If someone searches the web for your website, let’s say, the browser will request the Domain Name System for an IP (Internet Protocol) to the server that is hosting your ‘’ website. Think of it as the browser requesting for the street address of the server that is fostering ‘’ Thus registering a domain name should be in sync with the IP address of the server where the website currently resides or ‘lives.’

Web Host Features

In your quest for an ideal web host, always expect to find a huge assaultive list of features provided by the web hosting providers. A majority of the features tend to be less important and are included by default even in the basic web hosting package plans. However, when it comes to the following features, you need to be very attentive:


Here, the web hosts mostly give you an option to register a domain name while signing up or to configure the one you already purchased manually. You should additionally check for the number of domain names supported per account. It would be helpful when you later decide to add another domain name to the already existing plan as it will save you from dealing with additional charges if you were to look for another web host for your second domain name.

Sub Domains

The element that appears between ‘https://www’ and a domain name is what we call a sub domain name. If ‘’ had a sub domain ‘guest’ then its complete address would be ‘’ They are never a burden on a web server yet a good number of hosting plans will limit their number per account.


Databases offer functionality to items such as customer orders, Calendars, Forms, etc. Thus, if your website(s) will be implementing the use of such items through the functionality of a server, then the plan you sign up with should cater for a sufficient number of the database in place to offer the anticipated services. Some popular web server databases include MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL

Let us now uncover some top web hosting services that will guarantee the quality of service if you choose their plan.

The Best Cheap Web Hosting 2017 June in UK

1. Blue Host

Since its launch in 1996, the Blue Host Company continues to prioritize its customers with excellent service delivery schemes. It introduced the popular device installation application SimpleScripts together with cutting edge technologies such as VPS protection for dealing with performance challenges.
At a price of $2.95, the web host company offers unlimited domains on top of a free domain, unlimited space, file transfer, and email. Moreover, it is recommended by as a reliable service provider. The 24/7 customer support platform is in sync with money back guarantee plan.

2. I Page

The iPage web host company is known for bundling up attractive web hosting features and offers and disbursing them at an economical price. The nice, solid, and clean interface [x] is easy to use and therefore very adaptable to the users. It also has an attractive free security suite to maintain data security and integrity.
At a price of $2.75, you are assured a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, space, and emails. The uptime and money back guarantee plan is also in play. For residents in North America, you get free support 24/7.

3. Host Gator

As their name suggests, their reputation is in the size and number of their customer base. Their affordable pricing is equivalent to a tremendous service delivery. The pay-as-you-go monthly hosting plans save you from an annual plan and for under $10 you will have your website online.
For $3.95, you are in the 45 days money back guarantee plan with the C.E.O with no monthly contract options. You get free tech support, 99.9% uptime guarantee.

4. eHost

It is a web host company that does not deal with faults, and thus the internet world sees them as perfectionists. Their customer service is first class, they’re free for life domain offer wins them customer loyalty, and their use of the cPanel makes them the ultimate web host crafters.
For $2.75, you get a free domain for the lifetime of your setup plan. Excitingly, it is equipped with a fantastic website builder and thus coming up with a website from scratch is no longer an issue and you also get a $300 marketing credit. You will access your cPanel, there is a 45-day money back guarantee, along with other customized offers for clients. The residents in the USA can access 24/7 support.

5. Host Clear

Host Clear has unlimited free email accounts,7 and high bandwidths make it an ideal platform for enterprises. Their uptime guarantee, special features, and customer offers even makes them more reputable.
For $2.99, you are given access to a simple web hosting solution, a web builder solution with drag and drop, and money back guarantee plans. Customer support here is 24/ and applies to all regions.

6. idea host

Idea host is the show stoppers of web hosting as they always flash their $100s advertising credits, cloud storage, unlimited storage, free email, killer website builder, free domain and lastly hosting. It is a recommended environment for an entrepreneur.
For $2.99 you get three plans to choose from, and it is substantially applicable for an individual that might consider building multiple websites in future for family, friends, or even yourself. It comes with 24/7 customer support for all regions.

7. a small orange

This company is the perfectionist of web hosting while at the same time tries to integrate a homegrown feel to its customers, employees, and the community in general. It is full of businesses, developers, and designers that always aim for a lasting impression.
For $2.91 (billed $35/yr) you will have access to the best customer experience, a quality service that is never compromised, and the latest data center technology. It has a 90 day no risk money back guarantee that has a pro-rated refund schedule.

8. Site Builder

Site Builder is a platform which offers an inexpensive experience when it comes to building a website with no programming and or design experience. There are a lot of free templates and features to use such as e-commerce integration that promise not to let you down.
It is a free web host service that does not require any user experience, offers 1000s of free templates, and comes with a$200 advertising credits. It also has a free website builder to get you started in no time.

9. Website Builder

The hosting service comfortably caters for individuals that lack programming or design skills but still need a walk-through in building their personal websites. A lot of its features are free with slight pinches to your wallet only when it comes to feature upgrades.
It is another free web host service that comes with a free website builder, free domain, business email, and e-commerce.

10. Fat Cow

If you are looking to start a small business, then Fat Cow hosting will work for you due to their guarantee of engine ranking and the security of their customer data.
For $4.08, you will get a free domain name, unlimited email, $100 Google coupon, and a Heifercratic Oath to support you.

11. just host

Just host has fast and affordable hosting practice. They are highly recommended when it comes to building a brand new website or transferring an already created website.
For $3.50, you will access unlimited storage and email, a free domain name, and a 24/7 customer support that covers all regions.

12. host monster

Their service to the hosting community dates back to 15 years ago. The affordability of their hosting services always ensures that the customer leaves with noticeable savings. The reliability in the production of high-quality redundant systems ensures maximum uptime for your website(s).
For $3.95, you will have access to unlimited space, free email, free online store, and if you are a citizen of the USA the engineers in Provo, UT will ensure you get 100% support.

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